Welcome to AMBOS Stockfeeds

- manufacturers of quality animal feed products, based in Young, New South Wales. 

Established in 1949, AMBOS Stockfeeds is a family owned and operated feed milling company staffed with a dedicated team of passionate and proud country-based employees. 

AMBOS started business life as a commercial poultry egg enterprise, and the name of our company was derived from a local indigenous word for "eggs". AMBOS Stockfeeds has progressively expanded and extended its feed milling and manufacturing operations and we are now a large feed manufacturing specialist for ruminant and other animal species - with a large capacity to produce pelleted feed products, along with mixed meals and grains and mineral mixes.

Our business name has now become clearly identified with our way of doing business:

Australian  Made,  Built  On  Service

We manufacture and distribute Bulk and Bagged, Complete Feeds and Supplements, for commercial livestock and domestic animals. Our animal feed products encompass the nutritional needs of Dairy Cattle and Calves, Beef Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Horses and many other production livestock and domestic animals. 

We are a commercial feed manufacturer based in the large and thriving country town of Young, NSW.
AMBOS manufactures a range of feeds for commercial production livestock and domestic animals.
AMBOS is a large purchaser of locally sourced grains and meals, and provides a range of allied services.
Advice on what products to feed , how to store and how to feed our products.
AMBOS products are available in Bulk: via commercial accounts or through rural merchants, and Bagged: through rural merchants.