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ProAgni is a new active participant in the animal nutrition market and has developed high quality, innovative performance feed supplements for livestock producers. ProAgni and Ambos Stockfeeds have partnered to manufacture, distribute and support the supply of the unique and innovative ProAgni products to rural resellers throughout Australia. 

ProAgni products are designed to provide consistent high performance and profitable results by providing nutritional support to livestock in intensive feeding situations. All products are Antibiotic Ionophore Free, and support reducing carbon emissions. Click on the following link for an clear explanation of the ProAgni products' background and philosophy:

ProTect S Crumbles and ProTect C Pellets  are innovative pelletised feed concentrates designed to be mixed and fed with cereal grain plus protein rations, for Sheep and Cattle respectively, (at 5% inclusion in feedlot diets or 2.5% in grain-assist situations). They provide vitamin and mineral support while shortening the induction period onto grain-based diets, reducing the risk of acidosis and maximising the consistent performance of livestock when fed cereal grain-based rations - without the need for antibiotics or ionophores. They contain probiotics for maximising animal health and performance, and contain a unique combination of organic and inorganic minerals for maximum efficacy. The following link presents more information. http://youtube/seY4FA-YGYk

ProWean SLamb Weaning  Crumbles is a crumbled pellet feed, containing ProTect S, for feeding lambs within an early-weaning transition protocol.

ProWean C Calf Weaning Pellets is a pellet feed, containing ProTect C, for feeding calves within an early-weaning transition protocol.

ProTect Sheep Finisher Grain/Protein/Premix Pellets and  ProTect Cattle Finisher Grain/Protein/Premix Pellets are full cereal grain and protein meal pelleted feeds containing 5% ProTect S and ProTect C respectively, for convenient, accurate and consistent full feeding - following an induction and transition period with access to effective fibre - without the need for on-farm mixing.

A range of lick meal products are also available within the ProAgni range:

ProDry is a loose lick supplement designed to deliver the key nutrients required for Sheep and Cattle on dry feed. It contains a sophisticated blend of fermentable carbohydrates, bypass and rumen degradeable protein and non-protein nitrogen. It has balanced macro and micro minerals and essential vitamins and probiotics for optimal health and performance. 

ProMark is a loose lick supplement designed to deliver the key nutrients required for the pre-lambing ewe or pre-calving cow. Integrity of smooth muscle control and calcium mobilisation is supported with this supplement. High levels of available magnesium, vitamin D and energy are critical for the successful process of parturition and early stages of lactation.

ProGreen is a loose lick supplement designed to deliver the key nutrients required for Sheep and Cattle on lush green feed. It contains multiple forms of magnesium for support of the smooth muscle contractions associated with digestion and supplies key nutrients in the appropriate ratios, such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and sulphur which aid performance.

ProGreen HiThi is a special high Thiamine (Vitamin B1) version of ProGreen, designed for animals grazing on Brassica and Canola forage crops to reduce the risk of Polioencephalomalacia (PEM) (Thiamine deficiency).


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