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Modern milling and pelleting facilities, together with fully trained and qualified staff and a large production capacity, gives Riverina Young the scope and flexibility to manufacture premium quality livestock feed diets for all production livestock and a range of domestic animals.

Riverina manufactures grain-based, mineral-based and fibre-based feed diets, across our mill sites in Young and Cootamundra. Our AMBOS products are available in Bulk, Bulka Bags and in 20 or 25kg bags.

We formulate and manufacture a range of feed styles for all livestock including: Dairy Cattle and Calves, Beef cattle, Sheep and Lambs, Poultry, Pigs, Horses, Rabbits, and unique All Purpose feeds for multi species situations.

  • Pellets - grain, protein and minerals feed formulas, standard 5mm diameter (pellets) and also larger diameter (nuts).
  • Mashes/Meals - feed formulas based on milled and rolled grains with protein meals and minerals.
  • Grain Mixes - grain based mixtures of whole or cracked or roasted grains. 
  • Straight grains - Cleaned Whole or Cracked grains, Roasted and Rolled grains.
  • Mineral mixes - High mineral content concentrates, mixed with grains and meals.
  • High fibre pellets - fibre based feed formulas with grains, protein meals and minerals added.

Custom designed feed products are manufactured for specific client requirements.

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Information about the AMBOS range of feed products

AMBOS manufactures a full product range of specific feed products for feeding commercial production livestock and domestic farm animals.

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AMBOS Special/Custom Feeds - including the unique ProAgni range.

AMBOS also manufactures a range of special and customised feed products for individuals and business partners. These include unique antibiotic ionophore-free livestock feed products, in partnersh...

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AMBOS Grain and Meal commodity products

Feed grains and meals, including the new ROASTA range of uniquely processed roasted grains, are available within our bagged products range.

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