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Grain Receival and Storage

Riverina has an extensive grain storage facility at Young, with a large capacity for fast intake direct from farms or other storages.

Bag Packing and Palletising

Our new, large capacity automatic bagging line is available for contract packing of suitable products into standard or customised bags. Warehouse and truck or container loading facilities are also offered.

Bulk Transport and Logistics

As a major grain buyer, Riverina's transport logistics are an important service for our farmer suppliers and customers. Riverina has a large network of freight contractor relationships, and also operates our own bulk vehicles for the transport of grain from our suppliers farms or storages to our mill, and, when necessary, of bulk stockfeeds.

We have great relationships with freight operators and work closely with our customers' own nominated local contractors and interstate transport operators for the delivery of bulk and bagged feeds to farms, rural stores and commercial operations further afield. We welcome your enquiries for delivery of bulk feed to your site or rural store.

Export Services

Riverina Young  is situated close to main highways and to rail, providing good access to Sydney and Melbourne sea ports. We can arrange all necessary requirements for loading containers and for secured, inspected export delivery to port facilities.